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HINOMOTOJOMAE Digital catalog update
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24/06/02 ジメジメした季節にはこの商品が便利です

24/01/16 冬のコートもこれで汚れません(新発売 服の神ポケット)

23/07/23 『宅クーラーボックス』が今年も売れています。

23/06/27 日経新聞に当社の静音キャスターが掲載されました

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HINOMOTOJOMAE Digital catalog update
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miracle + Silent = miraclent Caster

silence of miracle!! running of miracle!! feel of miracle miraclent caster
wait for your enquiry.

SILENT RUN casters support your comfortable journey with quiet driving

use the lisof® tire developed with Mitsubishi Chemical, and realize the soundless and durability and not cause hydrolysis.
Silent run casters promise comfortable running.

confortable, save RBS caster series

confortable, save RBS caster series

With hand operation, you can easily brake the casters. It can be easily attached to the moving wagon and other moving objects by wire type. The tire calibre is also abundant.

HINOMOTOJOMAE Digital catalog update
Inquiry & consultation
RBS caster (double wheels type) | Complete lock with hand switch
RBS casters for suitcases
Chair Hanger  -hukunokami
Aluminum original order case | Workable
Cooler box with key can be used as delivery box
Hinomoto is the top brand of land locks.
AES resin cover + 4-dials lock | Locks protect against rain and dust
Travel Sentry TSA
Cylinder lock  Cabinet, furniture, desk, hardware etc Low cost but high security!
 Antibacterial and antiviral certification products SIAA ISO

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